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Sorry 1

You may have noticed a complete lack of activity around here for a month or so. For that I’d like to apologise to everyone who has a story in the inbox. It may look like it but I’ve been being ignorant. More the fact that I run the magazine on my own, real life has been hectic and any spare time I’ve had has been used up with my own writing. I’m hoping to have my first novel finished soon and that has taken precedent over submissions – a bit selfish, I know.

So, my plan is to start tackling all submissions and getting a reply out to folk within the next 2 weeks. If you’re successful your story will be published quite soon after that.

Best of luck…

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The magazine is now accepting submissions again.

It’s been a while so send us your best 1000 words and please read the submissions page.

We’re also looking for some Christmas based stories. If you have one please mention it in the title of your email.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to reading your stories.


Gritty Santa.112


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